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"Plutoed" As the Word of 2006

Ah, poor Pluto. Gone were the days where the cute little sing-song memory helpers ended in a word starting with P. "My very educated mother just served us nine pizzas" is the first one that comes up in my google search.....but now she'll just be serving nine....period. Sad.

Anywho, the tiny planet wannabe didn't lose all its fame and recognition in the process....in fact, it 'gained' publicity, and it'll now forever hold the title as the cause for the word of the year. "Plutoed," meaning "to demote or devalue someone or something"....is now being coined by wordsmiths and used by everyday people. Here's what an article from Yahoo had to say:

"Our members believe the great emotional reaction of the public to the demotion of Pluto shows the importance of Pluto as a name," said society president Cleveland Evans. "We may no longer believe in the Roman god Pluto, but we still have a sense of personal connection with the former planet."

R.I.P. Pluto....you are indeed still in our hearts as a planet, even if you've been demoted to nothing more than another space object. We won't kick you out of our galaxy....just put you lower on the totem pole. *hugs Pluto* Brrrr....

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