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Weird Food Cravings

We've all had them.....and no, not just during pregnancy. Sometimes they're mere nostalgic moments where you run across a dish you use to eat, and then all of a sudden you can't get enough of it (in my case, I once had a long-spent craving for this make-shift sauce I made with condensed milk, paprika, and a couple other things....very weird indeed, and was a complete accident).

Usually, though, an odd craving is stemmed from the body needing a certain nutrient, and you start craving the things the body recognizes as sources of those nutrients. For example, if you're craving salt, your body may actually be dehydrated and wanting water.....sounds contradictory, I know, but think about it. If you start eating salty snacks, your first instinct is to grab a drink while you're eating or afterward at least, right? Yep, your body knows 'exactly' what it's doing. Or, well, that's what I tell myself when I go through periods where I'm craving cottage cheese and french dressing.....or fresh honey on practically anything it sounds good on.....or homemade potato salad that is wanted at 'every' single meal for a week straight....or..........
Regardless of the causes or if they're just weird occurrences we try to blame on other things (Really, I'm not quirky at all.....my body is *forcing* me to eat carrots dipped in chili!)....I was passed this site for healthier ways to satisfy cravings. Like if you're craving chocolate, it suggests trying raw nuts and seeds, legumes, fruits, because your body may actually be craving the magnesium (Uh huh, sure...try convincing my body that the next time it sees a deliciously chocolate cake....hehe). Or if you're craving soda, try, um, mustard and turnip greens because you might actually be craving calcium.
Okay, so I'll admit, not all of them seem that appealing but others are quite logical and they'll likely come in handy. If you're wanting to chew/crunch a lot of ice, and it's not just one of your little weird habits, then you might want to bump up your iron intake for a few days....and the site lists a few examples of how to get extra iron. Oh, and back to the salty foods, it also suggests, um, raw goat milk, in case your body is actually wanting chloride. Yeah, you have fun with that. Good luck catching the goat so you can guarantee that it's nice and raw....

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