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What Does 200 Calories Look Like?

Personally, I've never been on a "diet." In my world, diets are what each and every one of us consume every day....our 'diet' consists of this kind of food or that....and for most of us, it changes over time. I've never counted calories either. I've never cut out carbs or restricted myself to eating only grapefruit. I've never stopped eating entirely or only allowed myself to drink juice for 2 weeks straight. I'm also not a vegetarian or a health nut either. I love my chocolate and if I want a seconds (or thirds), I'm going to have them. Heck, I don't even work out on a regular basis any more (and I say 'any more' because I was required to in gym class)....although I do walk to and from my classes, so I get a fair amount of "exercise" in anyway....it's just part of my daily requirements because there's no other way to get there, lol.

Despite my firm belief that yo-yo dieting hurts anyone who does it....and that if people want to lose weight or get in shape, they shouldn't rely on fancy diet plans that'll cause them to quit in a couple weeks....I still found this site interesting. It has 71 snapshots of foods, broken into portions that equal 200 calories. There are plenty other things you should consider when eating foods than just calories, of course, (such as eating 200 calories of avocado is much better for you than 200 calories of butter....and much more filling, too) but it still gives a nice perspective of how much you can eat of some foods without shoving your calorie intake into outrageous numbers. Here are a few examples....although on the main site, it also tells you how many ml are in the 200 calorie portion they're showing:
(There are your avocado and butter comparisons first)
(And those are Jack in the Box fries and burger.)

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