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Labels, labels, labels galore....(and other blog news)

So I just spend the last several hours going through and adding labels to all of my posts....and taking out the majority of the hotlinked photos I could find (they were hit and miss and I probably still missed some). Several months ago I was reading a blog where she hadn't added labels and spent numerous hours going back through an entire year's worth of posts. My reasoning was that I didn't know where this blog was headed yet, so I was going to give it a few months to naturally work out its own categories. I had no idea that just a few months was going to take so long, though! It's more or less done now, though, and I won't have to do it again since I can do it as I go. It was actually kind of interesting to see how a lot of my posts fell....and especially looking back at some of my earliest entries that needed completely different categories than what I had assigned to everything else already. It seems that even in these few months, my blog has transformed into something different, and I'm still waiting for it to continue doing that.

And in other bloggie news, I cleaned up a bit on the side bar, and you'll also notice a new Amazon search box there. I just bought several books for my classes and they sound interesting enough that you shouldn't be surprised if I start talking about them here a bit....and I'll link you out in case you want to buy your own copies.

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