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Bathroom Etiquette in the 21st Century

Okay, I'm not one for toilet talk....I don't even like the word "toilet" actually, and it wasn't until I was in London for a while where that's 'all' they say, that I finally was comfy enough to use it from time to time....like now.

So I walk into the restroom and I hear someone loudly chatting away. A quick glance around locates the voice coming from a stall, and the phone conversation is not being kept private at all......which is really the only legit reason why the girl would be in a bathroom stall while talking to someone on the phone, right? (Even though around here, most people step into a side room or a stairwell if they need to be out of their own place to talk). As I turned toward the stalls, I see from under the door that she indeed has pants around her ankles, still just a talking away.

I'm sorry, but ew. No. That is *not* appropriate. Yes, I know people sometimes talk on the phone while they're on the phone, and even though I don't think that should be done, I'm not going to judge. The part that gets me is that it was in a *public* restroom....and that *I* had to make the decision of if and when to flush....or to even use the restroom at all....because *I* didn't want to be the one being rude, while someone else was already being rude by my own standards.

Toilets aren't exactly the quietest things in the first place, but how does one judge when to intrude another person's public conversation in a semi-private place?

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Anonymous said...

If she didn't consider a public restroom an inappropriate place to be having a phone conversation, I doubt your flushing the toilet would've phased her.

Next time, flush away. Flush twice just to show your disgust. :)

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