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Spoon Shaped Ice

Hehe. I thought they were kinda cool anyway. Now granted, they're going to be cold and wet to touch/use after a few minutes...and ultimately they'll melt/water down your drink (won't regular ice do that anyway?)....but it's an interesting idea for things like tea where your drink sometimes needs to be stirred a few different times during drinking, but you don't always keep a spoon in it. Also, if you freeze lemonade/lemon juice into them, it adds that extra bit of lemon while it melts! And getting your own ice mold is fairly cheap, too, at $2.99 (plus shipping, of course, but order other things and you won't even notice). Find them here.

(Too bad I don't get paid for advertising for them, heh)

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Anonymous said...

How cool! And btw, the baby panda post (above) made me swoon.

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