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It's Not Juice in Her Cup!--Beach Webcam

The Bucuti Cam zooms in to the area indicated by the sign between 9:00 and 9:15 am every day.Have your photo taken at Aruba's most expansive beach and wave to friends at home! If you missed it, you can see the photos from Today’s Zoom or the archive of past zoom photos and even order prints if you like.~~description on the Bucuticam site
The description that led me to the site, though, read:
Freezing your butt off up north? Wanna feel even worse? Tune in to this live webcam perched above Bucuti Beach in sunny Aruba and watch people heading out for the day of fun in the sunshine while you get to sit at your desk all day!
Real nice, huh? Anyway, I was expecting a 'live' webcam, but after my immediate disappointment, I checked out some of their archives anyway, hoping to find something of interest, and that's exactly what I did. Many of the people in the archived photos are holding up signs like the above, most often saying things like "Happy Birthday Meg!" or "We're not coming home!" I couldn't help but giggle at the guy on the bottom of this picture, though, with a sign that says: It's Not Juice In Her Cup"......

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Frank Baron said...

That was me! I was the guy with the sign about the juice! I love basking in Aruba. It's so sunny and the people are nice and friendly and...

...I'm sleep-typing again aren't I?

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