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Unusual Phobias--The Dreaded Diaper Deck

Phobias. We've all heard of them. Some of us even fears of our own. Many are afraid of heights or of flying. Some people are afraid of leaving their homes or are terrified of bugs.

And for the record, fears are not just something you are born with. There are sources that have taught those fears, even if people don't recognize them or can't pinpoint them their selves. Sometimes it's a bad experience as a child....and sometimes, it's as simple as being raised by someone else who has the same fear or similar fear (like someone being taught that snakes are horrible creatures to be afraid of).

Regardless, I've heard a lot of strange fears out there, but as I stumbled through the Unusual Phobias website, I came across one that I'd certainly never heard of.....a woman who is terrified of diaper decks. Refer to the picture up there if you're not sure what I'm talking about. If you've ever been into a public female or unisex bathroom, you've likely seen one. Fortunately, she knows the reason why she's afraid of them, but that doesn't help her any when she goes out of her way to avoid stalls with them:

One time I saw one in a bathroom that was partially open and had a horrible smell coming from it. I immediately thought that there must be a dead baby inside and I almost started crying. Now I'll go completely out of my way to avoid stalls with Diaper Decks inside them, even if it means waiting an extra 20 minutes in line.
I wonder what she does about the bathrooms that have them on the outside of the stalls like where the sinks are....or the bathrooms that are just a small room for one person?

I wonder even more if there was a dead baby inside that diaper deck.....because no matter how rancid a dirty diaper may be, and no matter how many jokes may be made about something having 'died in there'....it still seems like you'd be able to recognize if it was just a dirty diaper or not....especially considering most public restrooms are cleaned at least once a day, and it'd take longer for a baby's body to decompose enough to start smelling like that. That aside, I can't help but wonder if she felt guilty later for not checking to see if there really was a baby in there....

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