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Yahoo Emoticoncert

So I was always a fan of yahoo messenger's emoticons. In fact, it was the 'sole' reason I stayed with them for so long, and now, even after they've changed their emoticons and I don't like them nearly as much, the only reason I continue to use it is because it's the one my mom uses. Frankly, I still like the smileys better there than the ones on MSN messenger, but it seems most of my friends tend to use MSN, and I'm stuck with crappy smileys no matter where I go anyway. (Don't even get me started on AIM...I refuse to even use it now).

That being said, I'm impressed by the effort these guys put out for their own music video using lyrics and emoticons. It's kinda spiffy and worth the couple minutes of time, in my opinion, just to see a good use of smileys, even if they're not as great as the smileys as before (although some have definitely improved in their animated 3D attempts).

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