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Life in Visual Numbers

This is a close-up shot of 426,000 cell phones....which is equal to the number of cell phones retired every day in the US.

Also on the site, you'll find 213,000 Vicodin pills, equal to the number of emergency room visits yearly in the US related to misuse or abuse of prescription pain killers. Here's a tiny picture, but go to the site to see not only much larger pictures, but zoomed in shots of each one.
You'll also find plastic bags, prison uniforms, office paper, money, and several others. Very cool to 'see' the numbers rather than just hearing the statistics.

Unknown said...

Neat! I need to show this to my kids. Thanks for sharing.

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Wow, that's crazy! Makes me feel a bit more like recycling!!

The cell phone picture hurts my eyes!!

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