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Popularity Caller--Need to Look Cool?

Popularity dialer is one of the handful of services floating around that will automatically dial your phone at a certain time. This particular one offers 7 callers:

1)The original popularity call (male voice)
2)The popularity call II (female voice)
3)The affirmation call
4)The boss call
5)The cousin in need call
and the newest two:
6) The band practice call
7) The male English lover call

Basically what happens is the the phone will ring, you answer, and this voice will start talking to you. It's prerecorded so you can listen ahead of time and plan your responses so you're not caught off guard when the 'caller' calls you. It leaves pauses for you to reply and will spare you any embarrassing moments where you pretend to be talking to someone on the phone....only for it to ring in your hand and give you away. It'll make you seem important or give you an excuse to leave someone at just the right time.

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My Carpe Diem Life said...

Hi from Laptop Dancer (Yvette). I know when I did blogging I always got excited when someone commented on my blog. That's what's nice about gather...more comments! See ya on gather!

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