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Goat Island, Not Duck Island!--Media Errors

The media is constantly being criticized for this thing or that. I stumbled across this site earlier today and couldn't help but point out even more errors....or well, send you in the direction of the errors. ReportTheError.com brings all sorts of media errors together in one spot. Here are a couple recent ones:

A photograph of Bill Clinton and Officer Alan Davis on Page 3B in Monday's local section did not intend to imply that the former president had involvement in a sexual solicitation case against the officer. Davis and Clinton were photographed together when the officer did bomb checks during a visit by Clinton. Davis was arrested Sunday and charged with solicitation and transportation with the purpose of prostitution.

A map on Monday with an article about fears that tourism in the Niagara Falls area will suffer when tighter border restrictions take effect mislabeled an island in the Niagara River between New York and Ontario. It is Goat Island, not Duck Island

Of course, it looks a lot fancier on their site because the include the paper logo (like The New York Times, The Star, etc) and it doesn't just look like a bunch of text, but you get the idea. :P

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