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Unusual Cards for Any Occasion--Thank You For Lowering Your Expectations

A while back, I mentioned e-cards to be sent to those who'd just had an abortion. It was a pretty unique idea, in my opinion, although I'm not sure what exactly what to think beyond that. Well here's another set of interesting cards, but these cover a much wider range of topics and are much funnier, at times. Browse through lots of cards, including ones that say things like "Our safe word scares me," "If there's anything you need, ask someone who isn't afraid of getting sick," and in the 'flirting' section, "If I had a blog, I'd write a reasonably decent post about you." You'll find a card for about any occasion or thought you could think of....andif you need a quirkier version of the usual 'happy birthday', 'get well soon', and 'congratulation' cards, they've got those, too. Have fun!


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Anonymous said...

Hi Jessi! Found you via the Princesse, and had to mention the card I got from my other half who is hundreds of miles away. I expected something lovey-dovey. What I got was actually quite obscene but very funny :) Have a nice time at camp!

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