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Labels Are There for a Reason--Sports Cream Death

Seriously, please pay attention to the recommended use for medicines.....and that includes those creams you use on your body. Arielle Newman, a cross country star, died yesterday after her body absorbed too much of a chemical found in her sports cream. She used the cream itself in excess, and also was wearing anti-inflammatory adhesive pads containing the chemical methyl salicylate. This was no special cream/pad either. This chemical is found in your everyday, run of the mill Bengay and Icy Hot. In moderation, it's safe, but when used too frequently (recommended to be used no more than 3-4 times daily, similar to the maximum times you should take things like ibuprofen and aspirin), the body can intake too much, and in this case, it was fatal. Beware for yourself and teach your children the same. Her mother is in shock over discovering her death was because of sports cream. It's something you'd never think of. My heart goes out to her and her family, and I hope everyone else heeds this as a warning to check the labels and listen to them.

Read the article with more details here.

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