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Weird Converter--Quirky to the Max

We've all seen the converters to figure out how many pounds are in a ton....or what the equivalent of a pound is in kilograms. Well I thought this converter was going to be no different until I saw that it really is quite out of the ordinary. Pounds and kilograms are both there....but so is male polar bear, Tom Cruise, Winston Cup tire, African elephant, and many other random items to compare weights to. It's really fun to play around with. Put in your own weight and see how many U.S. quarters it'd take to balance out a scale with you.

Weird Weight Converter

And if that's not enough quirkiness for you, try out the height version. See how many of you it would take to stack up to the Great Wall of China or how many human tongues are in a mile. Have fun!

Weird Height/Length Converter

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog--it's nice to know I'm being read once in a while!

Princesse Ecossaise said...

hahahaaaa! That's so cool!!!!

That polar bear has a blue tongue :-O

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