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Ahhhhhhhh!!!! Check-In From Camp--We're Halfway There!

Hey guys, just wanted to stop by for a minute since I haven't been here for so long...and since I watched my page views drop drastically over the last month of me not being here. I haven't had much time to update the other blog 'at all' because things got way out of hand here and went absolutely crazy, but I'll get to it...eventually...I hope. I kinda miss blogging, but the craving died down after a couple weeks, so it's going to take some actual effort to try to catch up later. I doubt I do a whole lot of it, but we'll see. Tons of stories to tell, from the attack of the raccoons to my fantastic run in with bikers/crazy mechanic who took me on a joyride to the huge bill for getting my alternator and wheel bearings replaced after breaking down to the delicious rumors that were started about me and landed me talking to all the camp leaders with my reputation and dignity completely ruined.......it's been great...really it has, lol. There are lots of good stories to repeat, too, that are plenty quirky-worthy, but I just don't have the time to do it yet. Just don't all of you regulars leave me completely. :(
Jessi is away working at a summer camp...

Lucy Dee said...

I'm a newbie (not a regular), but I'm ready for your stories. Perhaps, I can commission them from you in my standup comedy set.

Yes, that's right I'm a standup comedienne. (Don't make fun!)

Can't wait 'til your next post!

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