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The Quirky World of Camp--Jessi Leaves for the Summer

Yep, it's that time folks. I'm headed back to work as a camp counselor again this summer, which means for the next 9 weeks, this blog is likely to look almost deserted. I'll do what I can to post from time to time, but I can't guarantee that it'll even be weekly. Don't fret too much, though, because for the summer adventure, I've started another blog. I did this last year, too, only I used Xanga at the time....and it was specifically for my forum friends and such that I wanted to stay in touch with while I had very limited internet access and couldn't possibly keep each and every one of them updated individually. I can't do that this year either, so it's time to bring everybody back to a common place (scary!!) and attempt to write for everyone at the same time....even though everyone knows a different Jessi (even scarier!!), hehe. So head on over, if you'd like, and get yourself acquainted with where I'll be this summer.

May the spaghetti-filled hair, homesick kids, and incredibly hot, humid days in the mountains be upon us....literally.

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