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Amerideutsch Has Left the Blogging World Without a Trace

So Amerideutsch is gone. I don't know why. I don't know what sparked it. And I don't know if she'll ever be back....but it doesn't look like it. I can't link to her because the site is completely gone....not even archives are left and the post I saw last night that briefly told that it was over and she was headed back to reality has even disappeared by this evening. I'm glad I saw it or I wouldn't know what was up and I'd just assume the site was down and would be back shortly. Sadly, that is not the case.

Here's the first time I mentioned her (and the second when I give her a shout out).....the first time I randomly linked to someone and was shocked to find them commenting on my post within days. I was kind of embarassed because I really didn't think she'd follow me back...after all, I hadn't contacted her....but I was new to blogging and she was the first blogging 'friend', of sorts, that I checked in on frequently and we often commented back and forth on each other's pages. Of course, neither of us really knew one another and we never spoke outside blog comments, but it's disheartening, nonetheless.

I suppose the most shocking part is that there was no warning. There was no post about how she wasn't sure she'd want to continue blogging. In fact, she'd just posted about how she'd signed up for NaBloPoMo....which meant she'd be posting for 30 days straight, starting in a couple weeks. And now the site is completely gone without a trace of her ever being there or a hint at what happened. This isn't just a blog that gets tossed into my hiatus blog folder to be checked back in on in a few months.....it's gone. And it's sad. Bye bye Lisa. ;-(

Anonymous said...

Might be that your friend's blog was discovered by a coworker or uninvited family member. Perhaps she'll pop up in your comments at some point and steer you towards her new surroundings. Not too far-fetched considering the abrupt departure; happens all the time.

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