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DDR Child Prodigy

This kid is absolutely amazing. He's only five and has incredible speed and skill. I'm in awe just watching him. (The video is only 2 minutes long, so take the time to go ahead and play it....it's worth it.)

bjbw said...

That's hilarious, and awesome. I wish I had that kind of energy :)

Jess said...

I would be dead.

Collapsed, sweat pouring out of me, d-e-a-d.

But he's sweet. And so little!

Thanks for stopping by my little piece of the blogosphere.

Anonymous said...

Holy cow! I thought Tetris or Dr. Mario was bad enough (I'm showing my age now) I too would probably die!

Anonymous said...

Great video but, um, ahem... it's spelled "prodigy."


Jessi said...

Lmao! I hadn't even noticed. I'm used to Firefox catching the occasional misspelling, but it can't do it in subject lines...and I'd just copied/pasted the title, so I didn't really pay much attention. Totally my fault, but thank you for picking it up for me!

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