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More Blogaversary Fun Part II--Visitor Facts

Hey, my blog birthday/anniversary only comes once a year, so I might as well use the time to see how it went this last year. Here are some facts about the people who visited Quirky:

  • Depending on which site I check, there were approximately 4000 'different' people who clicked in. (The highest quote was for 6100 different people, so who knows?)
  • 51% of those were Firefox users. Woohoo Firefox!!
  • 1 visitor used the browser "gzip" which I've never heard of, heh.
  • 9 unlikely visitors were actually still on dial-up. I wasn't even sure if that was still around. I'm sorry for all the graphics that probably lagged up this minority like crazy, lol.
  • 1% of the visits were made by users with Linux, and almost 8% from Mac users. I'll never understand Mac users, but I love the quirky ads they put out and the strange loyalty is almost worth investigation. 4100 visitors were using Windows XP. Yes, that's more than the 4k unique visitors quoted in the first one, but the stats were from different places and I took the lower number for the visitors, lol. There's no way of knowing who to believe!
  • 3 visits were made on a computer running only 8-bit color. Um, which 8 colors are those? :P
  • Over a third of people's resolutions are set for 1024x768, but there were actually 6% who were using 800x600.
  • An overwhelming amount of visitors were from the United States. I'm not feeling much foreign love. :(
Okay, I think I'm done with the stat exploring, hehe.

Anonymous said...

Wow, those are impressive stats. I found you through the NaNo deal. Just joined and am trying to find "like-minded quirky souls" then I saw your icon :)

erin said...

One of those dial-up users would be me. I can't get high speed anything where I live so I keep telling myself that patience is a virtue.

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