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More Blogaversary Fun--A Year of Strange Searchers

I used to post every so often about the weird search topics that brought people here, so now that I've hit the one mark, I thought I'd list some of the oddest searches.

  • "see my panties"
  • "a portmanteau of the phrase snide remark "
  • "college student" +"instant noodle" +statistic
  • "opposite of italicized"
  • "pink elephants and lemonade" meaning
  • "let go of my ears" tattoo
  • 7bdef5f98fd316a934e1408d31a08a28b029d27908a2b8b1
  • a torso pops out!
  • all the participants in world toilet expo 2006 in thailand, email addresses and fax numbersare ramen noodles poisonous
  • craving carrots all of a sudden
  • diethylene glycol antifreeze ice cream
  • emoticon bra clip
  • fizzy pamplemousse
  • grandma got swallowed by the internet
  • hobo symbol for kind lady
  • how many chairs fit around 76" dining room table
  • my sandwiches smell like bananaspie selling: whole or slice
  • sex in the 60s
  • shakespeare beer joke
  • take care of a virtual pet that's a mammal.
  • under the desk you will see a rusty razor blade and a bottle of scotch. remove your own appendix.
  • "i told my mom what i had just seen. then my mom got scared, she"
I was going to make a comment on each one, but for the most part, my reaction is simply WTF? I have no idea what some people were looking for when they searched for these things and mistakenly ran across my site, lol.

1 comments so far. What are your thoughts?
Jyllian said...

I'm here from nablopomo. Great looking site. I love the weird searches, the ones on my site always crack me up too.
I'll be back

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