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Ah, the Wonders of Photoshop

Untwirled Pedophile

So many of you are more than familiar with Adobe Photoshop (and some of you have probably never heard of it). Most times, it is used to manipulate photos. In this particular case, though, it was used to catch a suspected pedophile after he had previously altered his photos to prevent identification. It's old news at this point (me and my tossing things in the "To Blog" folder)...but still interesting (very quick article).

Virginia Lee said...

What a creepy fellow. I'm darned glad they caught him, Jessi.

And hey! I'm on dial-up! I'd have switched to DSL but my computer needs an upgrade first.

Only a couple of more days to go in NaBloPoMo. You've done really well with it. Yay!

Unknown said...

Wow, glad to know there's some Photoshop good-guy gurus out there. Now, if they just could twirl his real face like that.

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