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Flip and Tumble Pop Out Bag

The middle image looks a little wacky, but I love this idea. We've all seen reusable bags and some of us even own them...but how often do you actually use them? Some of you are die hard fans while others, well, you don't even know exactly where the bag ended up.

This little guy, though....he makes it easy. It folds up into a small ball that fits easily into your purse or even large pockets. It's easy to carry with you anywhere, so unexpected stops or quick pit-stops are convenient...without being a waste of plastic/paper bags.

Check out this part of the site for a really informative look at the goal they have for these bags. It's not meant to replace other reusable bags even (unless you don't use them, of course). It talks about the design they chose for styles-sake (the picture shows a bright teal, but it comes in black, brown, and green, too) and how many plastic bag this would replace on average use.

And guess what? After it's long life (because it's built strong to last....toss a couple bowling balls in, because it can easily carry 20lbs....and there's a shoulder pad, too, so no excuses!), don't just toss it out....return it to them and they'll take care of the recycling for you. So environmentally-friendly easy!

I haven't tried it out for myself yet, but it seems really cool, useful, and even a decent design/look to it, so it's worth a shot, I think.....the price isn't even bad ($15 + $4 dollars shipping on up to 3 of them) Plus, who can resist that it can be rolled into a ball and put away neatly (ok, so tossed into your purse with all the other stuff...but at least it can be used, unlike half of the other stuff you probably have in there! :P). Let me know what you think!

1 comments so far. What are your thoughts?
Melanie said...

What a great product! (Though, yes, what is up with that second frame? It's a BAG, lady.)

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