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Bucket Loss--And How I Found A Plastic Alligator

Huh? Yeah, the title is a bit...strange...but that's what I do best, and it's what I'm going to quickly blog about. I've been meaning to link to Erin for a while and she's unfortunately sat in my "Things to Blog" folder for too long now.


Back in October, I had a one year blog birthday, and posted about my visitor facts. I'd said that 9 unfortunate visitors were still using dial-up and jokingly apologized for all the graphics on my site....I really didn't know people were still on dial-up!

But low and behold, Erin replied to the post. She was on dial-up and visited my site. *Squeals!* Oops! It makes sense that she just can't get access to anything else where she lives. I lived out in the country where we couldn't get cable or even satellite installation...much less high speed internet. In fact, we opted to not have internet at all, and that about killed me (fortunately, I was still in school and used every ounce of time I could get to play on the internet, hehe).

Because she not only visits me, but took the time to leave a comment, despite the dial-up connection...I wanted to give some linky love!

As I said before, she's sat in the folder for a bit now, waiting for me to get to her....and it wasn't until I read her say " not a lot of people have read this blog anyways," that I decided to go ahead and mention her.

The bucket photo is from this post. There's another about a "bukkit loss support group," hehe. The post itself is about missing/temporarily stolen (sorta, lol) compost buckets...and what she's doing with her compost "supply" in the mean time.

You know you can't resist. Go check her out. ;-)

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