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Quirky Jessi's Inbox--A New Series?


So as I go through my email multiple times everyday, I have a tendency to toss Gmail's stars on certain emails. Those are the emails that I think "oh, I should post about that!" whether it be on a forum or on my blog (usually the latter), but there are soooo many things, that I rarely actually get back to going through them. And when I do, I don't want to overwhelm people here with jokes or stories or funny pictures or quirky ponderings....

But wait. That's exactly what this place is about, huh? So what's my excuse? I forget. Or I suddenly think that people don't want a repeat of their own inboxes. But you guys wouldn't anyway, because you don't subscribe to the same things I do....and you don't emails from my mom (and who gets them from a great guy named "Daddy Bill"...heck, I don't use names around here, but you can't really get the feel of the guy without putting his nickname out there for everyone).

The stuff I get is quirky. That's why it gets starred. But what do you guys think about a mini-series within Quirky Jessi. Maybe a post a week from "Jessi's Inbox" or "Quirky's Inbox"? A reminder for me.....and a quick insight for you guys? A place for all that stuff that doesn't fit elsewhere?

Okay, you're right. None of it fits elsewhere, so all of it fits here. But that's what I'm getting at, lol. I could get a whole blog out of it really, but I think it can fit in here just fine. What do you guys think? Should I take the plunge and add a new label to my vague set of tags? Should I make a commitment like that? *Holds breath*

Unknown said...

I love the idea of a quirky mailbag segment. I save the spam poems I get, just because on some level, they're cool. Plus, I can't complain, because other people get organ enlargement spam, while I get poems.

BTW, you've been tagged with the Roar for Powerful Words Award!

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