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This site is certified 67% Good, 33% Evil

I don't generally pay much attention to these little things, but it wasn't the end result of "how much percent good or evil" that caught my attention.

It was their analysis.

It breaks it down into how many vowels, consonants, etc, and how many times I've used the words and phrases. It also pulls the most random phrases out of my blog to "analyze," such as "Isn't that crazy?" and "giggle-worthy" (I can't for the life of me find the quoted phrases I wanted to mention earlier, heh).

Check it out here: Germatriculator (I typed "germalator" first....it's the terminator gone germ-powered :P). I'll give you the head's up now that you won't come up with the same exact analysis or even percentage each time, so who knows how accurate this thing really is, hehe. ;-)

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