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Test Your Musical Skills--Are You Tone Deaf?

Are You Tone Deaf?

In the fast paced world today....and especially in the speed frenzy of internet life, 6 minutes can seem like an eternity to spend on something like this. Well, at least for me it can, lol. I actually got distracted several times and ended up spending like half an hour tabbing back into it once I remembered to hear the next set of notes. Oops! My fault!

Really though, it shouldn't even take 6 minutes. No worries.

Basically, it gives you two little sets of notes. You don't have to name them or mimic them or anything like that. You simply have to say whether they're the same....or different. Easy peasy. It 'does' get tough, so if you're not trained in musical stuff, then you may be clueless on some of them, but it's not like an incredibly horrid test or anything.

Just music. :D

(Another Bloggeries find via Fashion-Unplug)

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