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Why I Post Full Yahoo Articles

It's a copyright problem to copy a full article here....regardless of whether I credit them or not.

I know this.

I respect this.

I'm a journalist, so I even *understand* this.

And I try to follow the rules, but looking through the last few article links I have bookmarked, I'm disappointed to see that they've already been removed. The articles have been purged and are gone. I checked. I searched. I hunted.

The same with their pictures. I always upload borrowed pictures to my own account anyway to spare bandwidth theft issues from other people, but geez.....this was just a few weeks ago. We're not talking years here, people, or even months.

Yes, news moves fast...but where are the archives (the links 'look' like they'd be archived, but nope)? Going back into my own archives, I can see a few links right off that I can guarantee are broken. And if I searched for those articles or those pictures again, they wouldn't be there. That's rather disappointing because the whole point of linking is so that people can follow the link and get to the original source or find more information.

So while I'd much rather post snippets of this or that and then send you off to someone else's credited work, I can't always do that with Yahoo, I've discovered. In a year, when someone comes across my site via some random search that leads them to a yahoo article post here, I want them to have access to the full story....not just the quote I happened to pull. :(

1 comments so far. What are your thoughts?
fairyhedgehog said...

I'm with you there. I've been reading through the Snarkives and it's disappointing how many links have disappeared.

As long as you're giving credit where it's due (as you are) I think it causes a lot less frustration to post the whole thing.

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