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Unsent Letters--Quirky Style

Just wanted to let you guys know that I've finally started working on one of my other blogs. I don't have much time to dedicate to any one given site right now, but I hate just having a dead domain sitting there with no life.

I'll be offering up the chance for people to guest blog and post their own quirky letters at some point (with links back to your place, of course), so keep that in mind for the future. :)

Unsent Letters

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessi,

There's something wrong with commenting on that site - at the moment, you can only do so with a Blogger account / Open ID.

I was going to comment to tell you that the Tie Dye letter made me laugh out loud. Good luck with the site, I'll be checking back :)

Jessi said...

Well there wasn't anything "wrong" with it, Jason...that's just how it was set. Most people have an OpenID and it's an easy way to prevent spam.

That being said, that just happened to be the default setting and I prefer to allow anonymous commenters (like you). I've changed it now, but all the little setting preferences aren't changed yet, so I'll get there eventually. Thanks for stopping by and for the head's up on that!

Crimzen Creative said...

Sounds like fun - guest posting is all the rage. Not sure if this old lady is quirky enough to submit anything good, but I shall be around to comment.hehe

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