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Blog about camp?

Okay guys, this is going to be up to you. Should I attempt to blog about camp this year? I started up last year with the intent of semi-blogging the experience, but gave up rather quickly and didn't really look back.

Until this year....when the fourth person asked me if I was going to blog it this year....and do it right this time.


People actually paid attention.

So what do you think? Think I should attempt to sorta blog it? I can't do anything too personal because we're not even allowed to have cameras on camp grounds for security reasons and I don't show myself....nor do I even really talk about myself. So would it be worth it? Is anyone curious about what goes on up there or should I just do some scheduled posts here and get back on track when I come back in a few months?

Crimzen Creative said...

I think personal experience really adds to your blog and your stalkerish readers may want to learn more about you. I love to camp and don't get to do it much anymore so I could live through you blogging about it.

You'll figure out what to do :-)

Dave said...

Totally do it! And good luck with the peanuts.

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