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Creative Blog Titles--Part 2

~Edit June 14, 2009)~ Since this quirk was written, I've done a new post that includes several examples of creative blog names here. I hope they give you some inspiration!~~

Back in November 2006, not long after I entered the blogging world, I made a quick post about creative blog titles I'd run across. There were only three and it was a tiny post, but little did I know that it would bring daily traffic here as I'm the top search result for "creative blog titles."

Given that the previous post doesn't do the topic justice at all, I want to do a revamped version, with more of a "how-to" twist, because that's usually what people are looking for. I have another short list of blog titles that fit the category of "creative" like llamib....or "llamas are missing in bangladesh."

But before I start, I want your input. What are some "creative" tips you'd give and are there any really out-there blog titles that are worth mentioning and I might not know about? Here's your chance to give some blog love to your pals or even toss out your own blog name (I know you lurkers are there, hehe).

Emily/Randomability said...

One that I read is title "The Secret Government Eggo Project" but the link is http://blog.dtkelly.net/

Would you say that mine is quirky?

My Vision said...

Great topic. I'll stay tuned to what you come up with. Just the other day I was thinking about successful businesses begun many years ago had names that were as uncreative as you can imagine - Sears Roebuck, Burlington Northern, Union Pacific, to name a few, and these companies have done very well. Why do we now think we need "creative" names to stand out? Maybe a boring name these days will make a company stand out more than an interesting one.

Crimzen Creative said...

I'm sure you could come up with several creative blog names, but I too believe that boring and normal names are the easiest to remember. Seems those are all taken...

thayne said...

i tend to like evocative names....not necessarily 'weird', but could mean any number of things. Think of the legend about Hemingway being asked to tell a six word story. "For sale: baby shoes, never used." I'd go shorter still for a blog title.

fairyhedgehog said...

This doesn't relate to this post but I wanted to say: I've tagged you

Hope you don't mind!

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