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Txt Ts for Teens

Text Ts--teeshirts, tshirts, t-shirts, with teen lingo, slang, text messaging, txt printed, such as idk, iyd, lmao, ^urs (up yours, urs)(iyd="in your dreams," by the way)

I was tempted just to make the title: TTT

A snippet from an intro page says:
Who really wants to look like everyone else, that is absurd! Wear it on your shirt, and say it shorter, with txt ts.
So why not make it shorter, right? I'm listing these as for teens because I really don't think most people want their 8 year olds wearing LMAO across their chests....unless, of course, they have no idea what the A stands for. If so, then maybe the ^urs would be appropriate as well (up yours, if you didn't catch that).

Although the point of this post was to enlighten you to the world of tee-shirts being made with texting "code" on them, the site also offers other varieties of t-shirts, such as a Blondie shirt for Mom or guitar booties for your latest addition to the family.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing this article! My partner and I really appreciate your support!

Crimzen Creative said...

I may have to check out the Blondie tee...I love tees, but I am a Mom who grew up in the 80s so texting is way over my head. I have to go look up LMAO now....

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