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Get a free Taco Bell Fruitista Fruit Freeze

Yep, free.

Here's the link.

Click in the lower right hand corner for the coupon. You may have to do a quick download of 'brick' if you've never printed coupons online before, but otherwise, it's as simple as that.

And if they're not your cup of tea....er....fruit slushy.....then at least go over there for the 5 seconds worth of scrolling over the cups where they describe the drinks to you. They emphasize in bold letters that they're topped with real strawberries, and even animate the toppings when you mouse over, hehe.

Yeah, I know, I shouldn't be amused. But come on, would you guys even come by if I weren't amused by the simplest of things? :P

Crimzen Creative said...

Ahhhh! Taco Bell is the Devil to me. Open 'til 2am during College years = many extra pounds gained (or maybe it was the beer). Anyhoo, glad to see they have fresh fruit now :-)

C. Predmore said...

I love the mango strawberry fruitasia freeze! Unbelievable! Awesome! I'm hooked for good!

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