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Okay, so I've been meaning to write this post and I'm just now getting to it. I wanted to "do it right," but somehow, I never get around to writing posts like that, so here's my thrown together version....and no, this isn't post dated.

I've been spending a little more time over on Gather than I probably should simply because I'm having fun with it.....and I'm getting paid a little bit of pocket change for it, too, but shhh, that's not the important part. It's basically a social networking site of sorts, but for writers....a place where writers come together and share their work, but it has expanded over the years and also includes photographers, artists, and people who just want to share odd jokes, random thoughts, vents, rants, elations, stories -- just whatever!

Now you'd think that's what I have this place for, but I've been posting stuff there that I wouldn't necessarily post here. Over the weekend, I went to the zoo with some family I was visiting, and you can see tons of pictures over there that I uploaded -- those are things I wouldn't post here because they're personal, but they're perfect for there. There are also articles and randomness that I've posted that just don't seem quirky enough for here.

Some things I cross-post, but most content is different. I'm sharing this with you guys for a few different reasons:
  • I don't want to distract you from reading my blog, but there's some stuff I've been writing and sharing there that you guys might like
  • Several of you have mentioned that getting more personal would be okay here, but it still doesn't seem like the place to do it. Gather is, though.
  • A lot of you are writers....or photographers...or artists....or talkers. You'd have fun there (as long as you don't forget about my blog in the process, hehe)
  • You can earn gift cards (or money) for browsing around there and enjoying yourself. It's not a ton, but it adds up rather quickly once you get the hang of it.
  • I feel guilty for sharing some of my work over there, but not including my regular readers. I want to share it with you, but wasn't sure how much I wanted to distract from what was happening here.
  • Once I introduce the site, I'll be able to link you guys some of the stuff I find there or write over there without it seeming weird.
I'm including the "invitation page" link because if you sign up through it, it'll let me know you joined and I can add you as a friend right away.....that way I know you made it over there. You certainly don't have to sign up through that, but I thought it'd be neat if some of my regular viewers signed up.

And if not, that's cool....I still like the idea of being able to mix the places, so don't be surprised if I link to stuff over there. I already have a folder of links that I've saved of things I've found that you guys would like. There are some amazing people there, so I'd love to share some linky love with them. I had to get an intro post made before I could start doing it, though.

So for now, you guys can click through and just see some of the stories about my weekend at the zoo -- like my little sister getting bitten by an ostrich and the baby giraffe that was only 7 days old. <3

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Crimzen Creative said...

That is so cool and I will check it out. I too have a "secret" blog that I don't share with anyone. Maybe someday I will...

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