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6 year old will blow you away

This is 6 year old Teresa Nguyen. All you need is 20 seconds of the video to know why I posted this. If you're expecting an amazing piano player, then you won't be disappointed, but you'll still be surprised by this clip.

And if any of you watch Britain's Got Talent, this is the little girl who appeared on there at one point, but here's her playing a full song.

~Edit~ The previous link was removed, so here's a clip of what she did on BGT. It's still pretty good, but I preferred the longer version.

fairyhedgehog said...

Sadly, the video is no longer available. What a pity.

Jessi said...

Thanks, fairy. I went and edited in a different video of her. It's not as long or as well done in my opinion because it's from the show, but it's still great to see/hear her!

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