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J-meme -- Sounds like a rapper's name to me, lol.

Anywho, here's a quick meme to pass on:

Rules: Use the first intial of your name to answer these questions. Don't repeat words in a different question and do not pick your own name for a girl/boy name.

(J is sometimes a tough one for things like this because choices are limited, but oh well)

1. What is your name? Jessi

2. A 4 letter word. June

3. A vehicle: Jaguar (Rawr!)

4. A city: Jersey

5. A boy's name: Jay

6. A girl's name: Jennifer (That's what a ton of people end up calling me anyway. Oops!)

7. Alcoholic drink: Jim Bean

8. An occupation: Janitor

9. Something you wear: Jeans!! (My favorite!)

10. A celebrity: Uh...can't use Jennifer or Jay....um, Ja Rule....I knew I'd work the rapper bit back in here somewhere!!

11. A food: Jelly

12. Something found in a bathroom: The "John" (lol, I skipped this one originally and asked a friend the question without any background info....he came up with this, so I cheated a little bit, but yay for a good answer!)

13. Reason for being late: Jabbed myself in the jugular (Can you tell that I'm halfway decent at Scattegories?)

14. Something you shout: Jumping Jehosaphat!! (Okay, so I don't yell it, but some people do, hehe)

15. An animal: Jackrabbit (only because I couldn't do jaguar again. I think it shows that I didn't actually read this meme before starting it, lol)

16. A body part: Joint

17. Word to describe yourself: I usually say something like "jaguar" or "juicy" to throw people off when this question is used as an icebreaker. Something about "jubilant" or "joyous" just aren't silly enough for me.

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