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Feed my fishies!

I don't remember what site I found this on, but they had it as their intro page. The site itself wasn't great, but I thought the gadget was cute. I was able to go in and customize my fish, too, so it was kinda fun making my own fish tank. Don't forget to click around to drop food and watch the fish go eat it.

Sure, it's nothing amazingly special, but it's entertaining for a couple seconds. After all, I have Quirky Lurky over there in my sidebar, so why wouldn't I post about this? lol And to think, I said Lurky probably wouldn't stay for long....and he's been there for a little over a year and a half. Crazy!

But yeah, the fish. Feed them....and if you want your own, just click on the little button underneath it to take you to a customization page. :D

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Gary ("Old Dude") said...

so you don't see a need for a blog directory either?----I thought maybe being an old dude I was being to pragmatic, what with seeing there already was a members list and all.

Gary (old dude)

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