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Shut the Duck Up!!

Literally. That wasn't a typo or some somewhat lame, somewhat clever way of avoid the 'f' word in a subject line.

Nope, it's because I'm introducing you guys to the site "Shut the Duck Up" which is about shutting up those duck rides tourists go on. Here's their blurb:

We the undersigned do hereby call for respect from the Philadelphia Ride the Ducks Tour Company. The Ride the Ducks Tours are loud, noisy, obnoxious and an ear sore to local citizens of the Philadelphia area. By blasting music, shouting over a loud PA system, and encouraging the tooting of “quackers,” the Ride the Ducks Tours consistently disrupt the life of the average Philadelphian and are violating a number of noise pollution laws. We ask for Ride the Ducks Tours to work for a better relationship with Philadelphia residents and by agreeing to three guidelines:

And then they list their guidelines. It's not an incredibly active blog, but I met the creator on a blogging forum long, long ago and bookmarked the site because the energy and enthusiasm was so high. It's an interesting concept, too, and I love the name!

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