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I have been updating....and thinking!

So I have been back from camp and I'm finally somewhat moved into my new place. Why has it been four whole days since I posted something new then if I had so much stuff for here, right?

Well I've been doing a whole bunch of stuff on the outside (and some thinking, like the subject line says, but hey, don't get ahead of me here...I'll get there!). And since I've been updating on the outside, then it's time to do a little updating on the inside. Here's some of the stuff I've been up to:

  • Facebook. Ew, no. I hate that place. Really, I have a personal one for school because for some odd reason, Facebook blew up and landed all over college campuses. Suddenly, it was a place to share notes and agree on study group times and well, to stalk people. Mine says something to the effect of "I hate this place, please email me or call me instead, and no, I'm not going to update here. Yeah, that's how much I dislike it. Sadly enough, it was even talked about in the opening ceremony when I started college, though, so it was more or less required for us to have one.

    So what the heck does that have to do with here if I hate is so much? Well, I thought maybe the reason I disliked it so much was that I really didn't want to stay in that sort of connection with everyday people that I go to school with or work with. There was all this talk in the blogging world of using Facebook as social media and how great it was. That was a year ago and I finally decided to get an account for my blog.

    Then I forgot about it. Ha! Well this is another attempt at really getting into it. I really don't know what I'm hoping for, but I thought I'd give it one more stab. So if you have a Facebook account, come by and say hi....add me as a friend if you might like me maybe just a little. ;-)

    Here's the link to my profile: Quirky Jessi

  • Ebay! Now this one's a bit more exciting because I really do enjoy using Ebay. I have an entire storage room back home that's almost full of stuff that needs to be sold on Ebay. I have one quarter of school left and my next plan of action is to go home and start tackling that storage building. 'That' part isn't exciting.

    When I moved in for this last quarter, I sent my mom home with all the stuff I had in storage 'here' (yes, I had two....I don't exactly have a place that I "live," per se, so my stuff gets shuffled around from my mom's house, school, CT for camp, and then the storage buildings for the rest, depending on if it's needed for home or school).

    Unfortunately, as I was moving in, I was also going through the stuff I have and my Ebay pile has already grown tremendously while I've been here for a week. I started getting some of the stuff listed and thought I would share with you guys.

    You see, a couple months, I actually planned this in advance. Yep, me, procrastinator to the max, had this planned out (see how I'm just now putting it into action, though? lol). I changed my Ebay username so that it was neutral and viewable by everyone who knows me.

    "What in the world are you talking about?" you might ask, if you're even still reading, that is. I didn't have a name like "babyangeldaddysgirlprincess93708974018374" or anything. Someone shoot me if I did, lol. But it wasn't a username I have associated with this blog and I like to keep things separate, remember? The name change went smoothly and now it no longer shows on my record, so yay!

    Boy am I rambling, huh? This is what you get for wanting me to come back from camp. :P

    So anywho, today I listed quite a few books on Half.com (it's Ebay's book site, if you're not familiar with it, and you can use your Ebay account to make purchases) and got started on Ebay stuff. Clothes are the main thing that I'm swamped under, so within the next couple weeks, expect lots of clothing to be listed. Mostly women's clothing at this point, but in a few months when I tackle the storage at home, I have tons of clothes ranging from infant to teen. This is gonna be fun.....right?

    I'll do another update in a couple days with Half.com and Ebay accounts. The books aren't showing up yet and I don't want to point you to a nearly empty Ebay auction page. Stay tuned, though, as I'll be doing quite a bit of listing stuff as time permits.

  • MSN. I did the same thing with my MSN messenger that I did with Ebay. I made it neutral playing ground. Again, the name wasn't inappropriate or embarrassing or anything you might expect, but I wanted to be able to have everybody I communicate in a central location. I visit forums, I blog, I play games, I handle business, and there was no better time than now to merge everything and simplify my life a little, haha.

    Notice I said 'my' life. If I wanted to simplify everyone's and I really wanted to make everyone happy, I would've sucked it up, redownloaded AIM, created a new name there, and connected with more people on a crappy messenger. Now don't get me wrong, I don't really like MSN either, but it's a compromise of not-so-pleasant messengers.

    I'm really attempting to get back out there and get to really know some people again. I lost touch with some people and there are plenty that I've never really talked to outside of isolated environments (like a particular forum or commenting on each other's blogs). If you happen to use msn, add me with the email address justmejessi AT msn.com. I'd love to get to know you. :)
Okay, I might've lied. This post got rather long and I know your attention spans aren't all the greatest, so I'm going to stop here. That means the thinking will have to wait until the next update post. For a preview, expect talk about NaBloPoMo, possible redesign, RSS feeds, my birthday, and some ideas for contests. Expect some talk about Lady Language again soon, too!

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fairyhedgehog said...

Hi! Glad to see you back. I've sent you a friend invite on Facebook, although I must admit I don't really use it. I use my real name on there.

On MSN I'm usually signed in as "The Mummy" or something similar because I really only use it to keep in touch with my kids.

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