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Frozen Smiles and Halloween Treats

Frozen Smiles

Yeah, a little bit creepy and I'm not sure of their actual purpose, but hey, Halloween is coming up and I figured if I was ever going to blog about this with somewhat of a logical explanation, now would be the time!

And because I can't imagine buying something like this for just one night of ice, you might also try freezing Kool-aid, too, or even fruit juice. It's better if you don't mix it down quite as much as you normally would so it's a bit stronger. Add them to drinks without it watering them down.

Put a piece of aluminum foil over the top of the trap and stick toothpicks through to turn them into quirky popsicles, too. I'm thinking they'd be cute for when kids lose their teeth or have a dentist visit coming up (or just had one and didn't cry, etc).

Oh, and ff smiles aren't your thing or you want something more Halloween-ish, try out these, hehe. They'd be a great treat for Halloween night or a party.

Berleen said...

Who would have ever thought something like that would have existed? Very interesting...

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