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Self-Heating Hot Chocolate


This is a hot cocoa lover's dream -- a cup of hot chocolate all ready to go, any time you want it. No kitchen or Starbucks required. You can find out all the little technical details about how to activate the heating mechanism on the site. If you're worried about it being unsafe or toxic (which it's not), etc....all that info is neatly explained there, too.

I haven't tried it myself but a friend of mine has mentioned how good it is a couple times now. It makes me want it even more, especially with the temperatures starting to drop. Mmm.

And if hot chocolate isn't your thing, they also have coffee, tea, and even soup using the same technology. If you've had it before, let me know how it is!

Anonymous said...

I've had the hot chocolate one before. It takes a few minutes, but man, when it heats up, it heats up. It gets HOT. As far as taste goes, it was a little on the overly sweet side. Don't get me wrong, i like my hot chocolate sweet, but there's something a little off about this. It's definitely a great way to get hot chocolate on the go though, despite it's sweetness.

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