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Mugs for coffee and tea "enthusiasts"

Coffee geeks. No, not the guy who has a cup of coffee every morning or the woman who makes 15 trips to Starbucks every week. Not the ones who bite off chicken heads with their coffee either. I'm talking about the people who grind their own, can name a million varieties and where the beans were grown, and buckle at the knees at the mere mention of their favorite brew.

Combine this sort of obsession love and adoration for coffee with any other form of geekiness, and you wind up with people who would love these coffee mugs.

Okay, so maybe the coffee addiction isn't even required. I don't like coffee....at all....and I love these mugs! I want, I want, I want. I'm just trying to cover it up by writing them off as things only for coffee and/or tea lovers. :( :(

Again, there are 11 on the site, but here are just a few of my favorites:

mug-9.png picture by quirkyjessi
(Yes, temperature activated!)

mug-10.png picture by quirkyjessi
(Gotta love that even the tagline is bitter, hehe)

mug-3.png picture by quirkyjessi

mug-4.png picture by quirkyjessi

mug-2.png picture by quirkyjessi

Sigh, fiiinnneeee. So I made the mistake of mentioning to a true coffee geek that I was taking a crack at coffee freaks...er...geeks...and was immediately told to be sure that I gave a shout out to CoffeeGeek.com. This was then followed by a quick blurb about how I should talk to Mark for some more info. Yikes!

So long story short, for you 'true' coffee geeks out there (not just those that might enjoy a little artsy mug here or there), the site really does look amazing. And because my novice opinion doesn't really count for much in the coffee world given that I don't drink it, it does come highly recommended from someone who lives, breathes, sleeps coffee...for the flavor and process, not the caffeine!

Anonymous said...

I love the crumpled up "plastic" cups. What a cool idea. Too funny!

Staci said...

im sending this post to a friend...he LOVES coffee!!

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