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You can still play your old NES and Super Nintendo games!

system_270x201.jpg picture by quirkyjessi

Yeah, yeah, "geek week" is turning out to be more like "let's play Nintendo! please, please, please??"

What can I say? I liked the original Nintendo systems and still have at least 3 in my closet at the moment, along with dozens of games. Unfortunately, the last working system I have requires a well-placed butterknife to be slid in on top of the game juuusssttt right, and you can't even so much as breathe the wrong way while playing or it'll lose connection. Yes, it's sad, but I couldn't bear to risk losing the only playable systems for all those games.

Well now there's the Retro Duo NES/SNES Game System on Think Geek. *Drools* Not only is this thing a beauty, but it's functional 'and' cheap. It plays both NES and SNES games, both of which are top loading. As Jeff says over at CNET:
"That means no more trial and error playing "Legend of Zelda" or "Super
Mario Brothers 3." No more taking the cartridge back out, blowing on it
furiously, slamming it back in the console and powering up, hoping
you're not greeted with a screen of wavy lines or misformed game
sprites only to once again take Mario's name in vain."
Oh so true! And at roughly 50 bucks, it's well worth it to put all those old games back to use. Did I mention how stylish, chic, and amazingly drool-worthy it is, too? Yeah? Okay, just making sure. You can even use your old controllers or stick with the ones included with the system. Choices, choices. Can you say Duck Hunt gun??

(And yes, I know there are other retro-type systems out there that claim to offer the same experience, but they're usually not-so-cool, require game chips, etc....not the same as this at all!)

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