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Your forgotten mistakes turned into art

There are many museum pieces that are the result of human error: a serendipitous
carelessness, sleepiness or absentmindedness of their contributors. But
there are others which, there is reason to believe, became exhibits through
the carelessness, sleepiness or absentmindedness of the food itself.
Or were they trying to send a message?

Man, that was deep, huh?

Now guess what the site is about. It's the Burnt Food Museum.

What I want to know is, why oh why, was this lemon even in a position to be burnt to such a crisp? And I thought it was a grapefruit at first, oops.

Um, I can't even be entirely sure what that is. Most of the pictures tell exactly what the foods were originally, but this one didn't. Looks kind of like a pig head...or a croc....but then the picture name said "turkey_crispycritter." Oh, ok. Yeah, I totally see a turkey in there....uh huh. Once upon a time, maybe...

Erika Jean said...

oh man, I bet that last picture ruined more than one persons holiday!

kathcom said...

I've been throwing out perfectly good art all these years.

The turkey looks like it came from one of those fryers that people use on their porches and end up torching their homes. Every year before Thanksgiving, local news stations run scary pieces about them. It's like a 4th of July anti-firework PSA but without the fun exploding dummies.

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