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15 Creative Coffee Tables Want a huge iPhone?

At first glance, this looks kind of cool, especially if you're an iPhone lover, but my favorite part is that the icons pull out and become coasters!

For a house on the beach, what better way to keep the theme going?

I love aquariums, so I'd be most likely to get something like this, but it seems like it'd be a pain to clean and take care of the fish the way they need to be taken care of.

And here's the last one I want to point out. It's a fold-out book light! Okay, so it's not exactly the coffee table itself, but it's kind of cool that it pops out like that, no?

Find the rest of the creative coffee table designs at Web Urbanist. There's a periodic table of elements one and even an interactive table. The prices are insane, though!

Jenn said...

The boat and fish tables are my favorites!

Sarah said...

I love the aquariums. Very refreshing but only suitable for properties without kids. Otherwise, I can't imagine what will happen.

Jessi said...

My first thought is that it'd only be for if there are no kids around, too. Then again, I used to nanny for a woman who insisted on keeping her glass top dining room and coffee tables. The kids learned to be careful and aside from having to clean fingerprints, it actually worked out well. I bet kids would really enjoy getting to watch the fish, so maybe it could work after all.

bbrian017 said...

I just love the fish tank coffee tables. simply amazing. The only thing is the maintenance. I don't think I would enjoy it too much. I have a 55 gallon stand up tank and it's always being cleaned.

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