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Girlfriend proposes 10 minutes before the wedding

An in-depth article gives all the details of their relationship and how this worked out. Basically, though, the girlfriend of many years and mother of their children together was planning the boyfriend's surprise birthday party and thought "hey, why not make it a surprise wedding?"

With the help of some friends and family, she coordinated the entire event, took him to the place, everyone jumped out and yelled "surprise" as usual. Then she took the mic, got everyone's attention, and proposed, telling him he had 10 minutes to get ready because the wedding was happening right then.

Yikes! Of course he said yes and they'd discussed marriage before but because of financial reasons hadn't done it yet. Talk about a quirky way to propose!

Emily/Randomability said...

How it was all kept quiet is beyond me! Not only the planners, but the kids AND guests!


NathanKP said...

Talk about put on the spot!

There's not even any opportunity to say "Let me think it over." I assume that this couple had already known each other for a while and was probably very close to engagement anyway.

Either that, or both of them were willing to just "take the leap" without thinking about the consequences.

Erika Jean said...

whoaaa. I wouldn't take that risk of hearing NO! lol i would be so embarrassed!

Jessi said...

Nathan, the article said they'd been together for 7 years and had two lovely children together. They'd already decided to get married long ago, but just had never had the money to do it.

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