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Dry Erase Clock

In a lot of ways, we've come to rely on technology for....well, for everything. Clocks, planners, and alarms are certainly no exception and are actually one of the most frequently used functions of cell phones and such now.

But for some, it's still better to revert back to creative uses of old methods. This dry erase clock is one of those methods. No need to use a fancy phone, your computer, or heck, even good ol' fashioned pen and paper. Hang this on your wall and write your reminders of the day's events right on the face of it. It can't get any clearer than that!

Then again, for the 135 bucks you'd spend on this, maybe you should just get that phone you've been eye-ing instead...

Home Loan said...

$135?! Let me guess.. it's Swedish? Swiss? I'd rather make my own for $10 :)

Sandy said...

I don't think it is worth 135 bucks. Not at all.

flit said...

I guess you pay more for that minimalist look!

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