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Turn your "cereal with marshmallows" into "marshmallows with cereal"

Were you one of those kids who loved eating Lucky Charms (and/or any of those other cereals with fun little marshmallows in them)? Did you ever think it never seemed like there were enough of the marshmallows? Half of you who answer yes to that probably 'still' wish there were more of those marshmallows, huh? Hehe.

Well you're in luck. Cerealmarshmallows.com sells your favorite dehydrated (just add milk for fluffiness!) marshmallow puffs. Each 8 oz bag supposedly "spices up" 18-25 bowls of cereal, and right now, they're selling them at a huge discount.

Don't like them in your cereal? Keep in mind that these would make good marshmallows for hot chocolate or adding to baked desserts. And they'll stay good for about two years, if for some odd reason, you don't end up eating them all much sooner than that.

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Emily/Randomability said...

It seems like the marshmallows were always at the top of the box and by the time we got to the bottom, there wasn't enough. :(

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