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Eco-friendly bathroom setup (that won't make you squirm!)

Okay, so I had a few of you squirming with the quirk about turning your fresh urine into fresh drinking water.

Well I'm back with a bit more pee talk, but this one is less disgusting and more practical. Unlike a lot of the "go green" craziness that sends some people to the extreme, this is bathroom setup is classy, economical, and just a great thing to consider if you plan on remodeling your bathroom in the future.

I'd love to see more designs like this created to implement environment-friendly items in everyday life without going to ridiculous lengths that most people won't go.

Like the first urine-to-fresh-water post, I found this concept over at thedesignblog. They describe it like this (find more info and pictures on their site)...
“Eco Bath System” is a new concept that combines the functions of a sink and toilet bowl. Drawing inspiration from the natural flow of water on earth, the Eco Bath System accumulates the water used to wash your hands which further can be reused to clean the toilet.

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