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Rubik's Cube Fun -- Salt & Pepper Mills, Mice, Card Readers, Cakes, Electronics

The set of Rubik's Cube salt and pepper mills will only run you 15 bucks, and hey, it'll be fun to season your food now.

Fat Man and Circuit Girl created a NES mouse and a Rubik's Cube mouse, too. Okay, I might just be posting about this because of their awesome names. Or maybe it's because it involves yet another NES item, hehe.

There are also some items that don't look 'exactly' like Rubik's Cube because their colors aren't the same or the pieces aren't all the same size, but you get the idea:

Rubik's Cube card reader

Rubik's Cube mirror blocks

Oooh, and check out this blast from the past 80s cake with the Rubik's Cube, Super Mario, and Garbage Pail kids...

(From Cake Wrecks....there are some other great vintage cakes in that post, too)

This one is an electronic push-button version instead of the normal twist-around kind. It also has an extra five games you can play on it, so Rubik's Cube definitely got a modern makeover here!

fairyhedgehog said...

I always feel inadequate when I see a Rubik's cube. I never did manage to solve it. Not once.

Emily/Randomability said...

The only way I was ever able to solve it was to take the sticker's off!

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